St. James Haven in Meadville, PA is an outreach ministry of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Northwestern Pennsylvania. In keeping with the Sisters of St. Joseph mission of unity of neighbor with neighbor and neighbor with God without distinction, St. James Haven provides a place of welcome, refuge, food and comfort for homeless men each night.

I went from living in my car to having a comfortable and a safe place to sleep at night. Staying at St. James has alleviated the fear and anxiety of not knowing what the next night may bring. Having the ability to stay for an extended time has given me the time to prioritize what is needed in my life, find housing and a steady job. This is the closest (I’ve been) to being in a home environment for a very long time. I am so grateful for this safe space to have the time to put my life back together and get on my feet again.    ~George

St. James and the Scallop Shell

Having been a fisherman and having taken the road that helped him discover his spirit, the scallop shell is the symbol of St. James and it relates to two layers of the human condition; the physical and the spiritual. St. James was an ordinary pilgrim like the rest 22_pearl shellof us. He walked a long difficult road with Jesus; he was imprisoned by his raging emotions, and he went through metaphoric fires to free himself and discover the vastness of his spirit. He learned how to live an authentic, peaceful life and he shared his personal lessons with others.

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