your gift truly matters

Throughout the past 12 months, St. James Haven in Meadville, Pennsylvania has provided 2,441 shelter nights to men who are in need of a place to stay. This has only been possible because of community support.

St. James Haven is funded by community donations without any subsidy from governmental sources. Through the gifts we receive, we are able to offer shelter and hot meals to as many as 14 men per night, of all ages, some being military veterans. Because we work closely with partner agencies in the community, in the past two months alone, 15 men who have stayed at St. James Haven have been able to find employment and independent housing.

Whether you have given a gift to St. James Haven in the past or not, please consider supporting our mission with a gift to our 2018 appeal.

Your gift truly matters.

Click here to give a gift that matters to the St. James Haven 2018 appeal.

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